The Twisted Knot reviewed by Kate


The Twisted Knot, written by J M Peace, is easily read, even if you haven’t read any of the stories before (which I haven’t). It made me want to keep sitting and reading until I knew what happened. Sammi is a police officer in a small town who is on desk duties due to a traumatic work incident from the past stories. There is a local man ‘Pete the pedo’ who is rumoured to be harming another little girl, and the community wants justice as he ‘got off’ last time. This brings Sammi to the forefront of policing again, as the story unravels and the community and individual hurt of sexual abuse unfolds.

J M Peace writes very clearly and to the point which I really liked – no filling the pages with too much description, just out and out action and information about what is actually happening. The psychology of each character is really well written as well – from ‘Pete the pedo’ to the mothers of the abused children, to Sammi on her way back to policing – each of their thoughts and feelings are what I would imagine to be quite realistic.

The Twisted Knot shows the darkness of sexual abuse from many angles, and doesn’t cover up the reasons why, or the impact on everyone. But it’s not a dark story or depressing, despite its themes, it’s a good story of justice, policing and chasing the ‘bad guy’ – whoever they may be.


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