The Waiting Room reviewed by Stephanie

The Waiting Room

Dina is a doctor living in Haifa, confronted by the constant threat of terrorism and voices in her head belonging to her long passed mother a holocaust survivor. Dina is about to have her second child amidst a confusing and difficult patch of attempting to be a good mother and more caring doctor. She is struggling in her relationship with her husband who is Israeli who would object to a move back to Australia, where she was born and raised.

This story takes place over one day,  describing the tension and momentum of the drama that unfolds with a suicide attack, this is a contemporary read that is very discomforting and dark to read. The constant dialogue Dina has with her dead mother rams home the issues of surviving the holocaust and the ensuing guilt grief left unresolved for perhaps untold subsequent generations. This is a hard read, not much to feel inspired or happy about, but I enjoyed it never the less. Good insight into how it must be to live in a war torn country.  Overall, well written and thought provoking.

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