To the Sea reviewed by Annie

When I started To the Sea it appeared to be a straight forward missing person’s thriller/mystery. Seventeen-year-old Zoe, the youngest daughter, by many years, of John and Eva has vanished. Her siblings, some of their spouses and their children, closer in age to Zoe, have all gathered at the family beachside home, Rosetta, for Christmas.

CIB Inspector Tony Vincent is in charge of the investigation. From the start the family’s responses to their daughter and sister’s disappearance are strange to say the least. They didn’t appear to have noticed her when she was there, or know her at all. They all seem to assume she is dead, rather than holding out hope that she might still be alive, as would normally happen.  I was drawn into the complex family and the officers trying to find Zoe.

But I am someone who likes her books firmly set in reality, and this moved into another world. It was well-written and parts of it were interesting, but I preferred the chapters based on the family and how they were dealing with this loss, and the approach by the police to solve the case.

Those who like some fantasy or alternate reality should enjoy this book.

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