Touch the Sun: The Freedom Finders Book 2 reviewed by Amy (11)

This is the second book in the Freedom Fighters Series. In this book you are a thirteen year old boy from Somalia. You live with your little sister, Jamilah, and your Aunty Rahama because your parents died in the war.

Your world changes when your aunty, a journalist, goes to an interview with a man, Zayd, who used to work with Al-Shabaab, the terrorists, and has critical information to stop their latest plot. Your aunty puts the information into a memory stick concealed in a gold pen with a ruby on the end and gives it to you. She tells you whatever happens look after your sister Jamilah.

You hear of a plot to blow up the radio station where your aunty works. When you get there, you realise it is too late. The building blows up. You have to flee from Somalia to Australia to meet your Uncle Aadan, who is also a journalist. On the way you might have to forge papers, flee from terrorists, persuade people to help you and work out who is the enemy all the while trying to keep your sister and the pen safe. The choices are yours.

I liked how this book was about current events and things that might be in the news. It was interesting to learn more about refugees and asylum seekers and their experiences. I was amazed at how much power the terrorists had and how they were all over the city even though they had been banished from the country. I really liked all the critical decisions: How can I keep my sister and the pen safe? I don’t want my sister to die but I don’t want to have to give up my aunt’s pen. How will we get to Australia?

I really enjoyed how the freedom gems from the last book in the series were included again. I can’t wait to read more of the series and wonder if the freedom gems will be in the other books too.

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