Untidy Towns reviewed by Kate

Untidy Towns, written by Kate O’Donnell, is a young adult book set in a small town. Adelaide has buckled under the pressure of a private school and run away during year 12, back home to her mother and sister. Adelaide doesn’t have a plan, but has lots of dreams, and doesn’t know which to follow or how to follow them. She mooches around the town, searching for her role in the world, but also enjoying all the experiences it has to offer her.
Untidy Towns is a neat little read – no awful surprises or horrors, just an almost adult trying to find her place in the world. One of the beauties of the character of Adelaide for me was her ability to stop and enjoy the pleasures life can offer if we let it – bubbles in a bath, trees on the skin, smells. Adelaide revels in these and they are described beautifully. A nice simple read that pulls you into the emotion and tenderness it offers.

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