Useful reviewed by Emma


‘Useful’ is a galloping, hilarious romp of a read.  Oswald’s characters are warm, human and endearing; and their exaggerated foibles make them even more loveable. ‘Useful’  tells the story of Sullivan Moss, a down and out ‘loser’ who feels like he has nothing useful to offer the world.

His failed suicide attempt results in an epiphany, that he might be able to do at least one good deed – an anonymous organ donation.  From here, Sully starts his quest to life a cleaner, healthier life –  if only for the sake of his kidney –  and in the process finds out life might have more to offer…  Oswald’s cast of surrounding characters are also beautifully rendered (whether they be funny, spiky, resentful) and their interplay helps to really round out this great story.  I really enjoyed it, it was un-apologetically fun to read.

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