We Were on a Break reviewed by Michelle

If you’ve ever been in a relationship and thought it was going perfectly, and then in an instant have it unravel into chaos faster than you can say “You’ve just had a holiday, wasn’t that enough of a break?” then you will absolutely relate to this story.

Olivia and Adam have a great relationship and maintain that until Adam decides to propose …. a break that is! Confused, heartbroken and angry Liv, with the support from her friends, takes the break as time to figure out what she wants, despite Adam’s almost immediate regret.

Author, Lesley Kelk, cleverly tells this story from both Liv and Adam’s perspective. You will find yourself frustrated with each of the characters because the one thing they need to do is openly communicate with each other!

We Were On A Break is a story that highlights that open communication, trust and love are the key ingredients to a successful relationship and that at times when this is most important they are the exact skills we all lack!  A funny, easy to read story about a young couple, a trip to Mexico, a bad proposal and finding yourself outside of a relationship!

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