Wreck reviewed by Kate MS (17)

Wreck, written by Fleur Ferris is a thrilling young adult novel that will have you wanting more at every turn. The main protagonist in the story is Tamara Bennet, a young journalist fresh out of high school. She hopes to be the first to ever report on only good news but her dreams and aspirations take a turn when she discovers a mysterious message in a bottle and a high-stakes chase unfolds in which she seeks the truth while also trying to stay alive.

The novel begins with an enticing plot point and just continues to impress throughout. With unexpected twists, new and mysterious characters being introduced, there is never a dull moment and Ferris uses this to her advantage creating a thriller-esque novel suited to teens as well as an easy read, without being too childlike or heavy handed. The novel jumps from chapter to chapter with a change of setting and storyline, eventually coming to a head nearing the end of the story.

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