A Boy Made of Blocks reviewed by Vivian


Sam is an eight year old boy with autism. His father Alex loves his son but struggles to connect with him. He tries to avoid spending time with him as Sam’s behaviour can change instantly making him challenging and difficult to deal with. Thus, Alex tends to spend a lot of time at work and as a result it has put too much strain on his marriage.

Now he finds himself on his best mate’s doorstep and crashing in his spare room. Shortly after Alex finds his life in further turmoil when he loses his job and is having to spend more time looking after his son while his estranged wife goes to work. Alex knows he has to sort out his life and face some demons from his past if he is ever to lead a productive life. His son Sam discovers Minecraft, a computer game that let’s you build things, and not only does he enjoy it he is also good at it. Alex joins Sam’s world and also starts to play and finds he can communicate and connect with his son. But is it enough to rebuild his family?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gave an insight to the lives of autistic children and how difficult it can be to live with one. As Alex learns it takes a lot more patience to get to know your child but it can be well worth it.

The author, Keith Stuart, has an autistic son of his own and thus draws from his own experiences to write the book. This adds a genuine level of authenticity to the book. Well worth the read.

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