A Cardboard Palace reviewed by Amy (11)

This book is about 11 year old Jorge who was taken away from his parents at the promise of money. He lives in a small cardboard house that he shares with 12 year old Abel, in a town on the outskirts of Paris. Jorge and most of his friends, except Ada and Gino who busk, have to steal from the people of Paris. These kids only get a little in return from their controller Bill.

When I read this book I loved it. I love how not all the endings are good as it makes the book more like real life. It’s good how it is about real life events. I will tell you 3 things about the ending of this fantastic book – Jorge saves the day, Bill gets his just desserts and that it had an unexpected ending. The 3 things that I told my mum just made her want to read it so much more.

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