A Month of Sundays reviewed by Annie

I have read most of Liz Byrski’s fiction and enjoyed them all. Her latest, A Month of Sundays was no exception.

Four women from an online book club, who have never met in person, agree to spend five weeks together in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Alarm bells were ringing! They are all in their sixties and seventies and around retirement age. They each have issues that they have not shared with the other members of the group.

As this gentle novel unfolds, the secrets and problems of each one are slowly revealed, showing the forks in the road, and how they choose to tackle the hurdles they come up against. They all get to know each other and find they have more in common than they believed was the case.

The personalities of the four women are presented with all of their flaws and fears, in a way that makes the reader connect to each of them. Byrski shows the frustrations and difficulties for women of this age, who come from different walks of life, and have different experiences and ambitions, but also their many options. It is ultimately a book about the love of books and reading and how they can shape us and make ‘sense of, and peace with’ our worlds.



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