Ache reviewed by Vivian

 Annie grew up on the mountain​ and has always had a strong connection to the town, it’s people and in particular to her mother and uncle who still live there. She now lives in the city with her husband, Tom, and their 6 year old daughter, Pip.

But Annie isn’t as drawn to the city as she is to mountain. However, things changed a year ago when a devastating bushfire raced through the town killing Annie’s grandmother and partially destroying her mother’s home. Annie has been left with the guilt of putting her daughter’s life at risk trying to fight the fire and then fleeing, leaving her grandmother behind.

Annie feels a deep ache to return to the mountain to deal with the guilt and loss that both her and her daughter are living with. Could it help with the healing or only serve to drive her and her husband further apart?

A beautifully written book. The author, Eliza Henry Jones cleverly and slowly unravels the story and it’s characters. Eliza has qualifications in English, psychology, grief, loss, trauma counseling and has explored bushfire trauma in fiction which adds to the authenticity of this story. Most people are aware of the devastation a fire can cause, often leaving people with nothing. But Eliza takes this one step further and explores the emotional turmoil people are left with for months and even years after the devastation. It can fracture relationships and families or alternatively it can bring them closer together.

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