Anything is Possible reviewed by Annie

Anything is PossibleWhen it comes to reality TV I used to be a singing shows only person – no variety, dance, magic acts. Then Dancing with the Stars sucked me in and it was there that I was introduced to Cosentino. He was an amazing dancer, and I became aware that he had been runner up in Australia’s Got Talent, but I hadn’t watched that at the time.

When I heard about his book, it was the story of his childhood, and his struggle with reading that had me fascinated. He wasn’t doing well at school, didn’t really fit in and had self-confidence and self-esteem issues. But when he found a book on magic in the local library he was motivated to read, started to learn the artform, and found a way to be accepted by his peers. For him ‘for the first time since I started school I brought positive associations to a book, not the anticipation of misery’. It reinforces my belief that the only difference between a reader and a non-reader is the right book.

He then went on to describe the long road to success. Some think that those who do well in reality shows take the short route to the top, but Cosentino has well and truly put in the hard yards and paid his dues. He has really been a trailblazer in the field in Australia, without any real role-models or mentors. The strong support and encouragement he has from his family is evident.

He acknowledges that his experience on AGT in 2011 ‘wasn’t a golden ticket, it was a gold-plated opportunity’. He has taken this and used it to its fullest, and achieved all his wildest dreams.

Whether you have heard of Cosentino or not, this is a fascinating story about a young boy who might have been seen to have limited opportunities in life, who has realised so much in his life already, and he is only in his thirties. For people of all ages, it shows that you can and should aim high. In a beautiful edition complete with many photos, I was engaged from the start and read it very quickly.


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