Before I Let You Go reviewed by Kate

Before I Let You Go, written by Kelly Rimmer, is a can’t put it down book; need to know the end. Lexie is a doctor who has escaped her family and the cult they grew up in. She has worked hard to develop a future for herself and her partner Sam. Lexie’s sister, Annie has also tried hard to escape from her family , however she has fallen to heroin as the way to escape. Lexie receives a call from Annie at 2am. Annie is pregnant and very unwell. Lexie and Sam go to her and help her through, which leads to a story of child protection, drug rehab, family values, consent, the American health system and the haves and have nots. 

 Lexie adores Annie, and likewise. When Annie delivers her heroin addicted baby and enters rehab, Lexie and Sam help out by raising Daisy. One of the key parts to the book is a diary that Annie keeps, and writes letters to her rehab coach, and through this she is able to say the things that she hasn’t been able to tell others – the abuse in the cult and the memories that she can’t forget. 

 Before I Let You Go delves into the relationship between the two sisters and how they have dealt with their past. There is also a strong theme of the disparity within the US system between those who can afford and are deemed worthy, and those, like Annie who are not. Though set in the US, the issue of people who are drug addicted being judged harshly within the health, criminal and child protection system is something that happens here also and it was good to read about it, as the conversations of how to help and not how to judge need to happen. 

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