Birthright reviewed by Kate

Birthright, written by Fiona Love, follows a family who are all on their own journey of finding out what their true values are. A rich farming family, with a matriarch who likes to have favourites, play them off against each other and who is quickly losing herself to age. The family have their own ideas of what their inheritance should look like. The two daughters and son are all very different to each other; one a hippy who has moved around all her life, one who is married and runs a prosperous business and a son who would like to inherit all and will go to any length to get this. 

The book has strong female characters in it; Ellie who has lived a free life, had a son with no father, travelled the world and lives in a commune is a stanch feminist who fights for herself and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Anita, the brother’s wife who has had a hard life and enjoys the rich lifestyle but also holds onto her strong values of fairness and equity. And Sarah with her perfect family, until it comes tumbling down and who stays true to her beliefs of family, fortune and love. 

Birthright is a traditional book of love and family struggle; inheritance and greed; business and caring. Set in the country with the values of community and fairness are strong also. 

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