Breathing Under Water reviewed by Kate


Breathing Under Water, written by Sophie Hardcastle, is a young adult fiction. The main characters are twins Ben and Grace Walker, who are surfers, best friends and adolescents. Together they push boundaries, share all their thoughts and feelings, and ultimately break each others hearts. Disaster strikes and as the world crashes down. Family breakdown, grief, friendships, drugs and alcohol and trying to survive become the main themes of the book.

Breathing Under Water gives incredible detail to description – the way the sea and its amazing vastness is described is beautiful and poetic, though at times the words do take away from the story a bit and may not appeal to the younger audience as much as the older.

The relationship between the twins is beautiful, and in grief takes on a new dimension and meaning. All in all, a good, quick read that will hopefully support young people to learn about grief and supporting one another, including in our differences of coping.


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