Breathing Under Water reviewed by Vivian


Ben and Grace Walker are twins. They live in a small coastal town with their parents, where life revolves around the surf. Ben and Grace are close, they hang out with the same group of friends and are completing their last year of school. But Ben, born first, has always been the leader. He is the better surfer, the apple of his father’s eye, and admired by all the girls. Grace has always felt second best. But Harley has moved back to the town and there seems to be a mutual attraction between the two.

Then a tragedy occurs that rocks the foundations of the family. Grace finds herself spiralling out of control. How do they pick up the pieces, how will they continue to function?

I was intrigued to read Breathing Under Water after only recently reading Sophie Hardcastle’s memoir Running Like China, which details her battle with mental illness.  Her personal experiences have certainly come through her novel and adds much authenticity to her characters and story. Her knowledge of the ocean and surfing also shines through. An engaging read.

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