Cold Vein reviewed by Vivian

Cold Vein is a harrowing story of a child living with a monster called anorexia. Anne Tonner is a lawyer, wife and mother to four children.

Life was on track and things were going well in her new job. It all started with a phone call from her daughter, Claire’s school saying she was unwell, pale and weak. Symptoms easily dismissed by saying ‘It’s just a virus’, and ‘She’ll be fine tomorrow’. But two days later came another similar call from the school. And so began the visits to doctors, tests and the questions followed by the lies.

At the age of 13, not long after starting high school, Claire was diagnosed with anorexia. It is a disease that not only takes over your child’s mind and body but also their personality. At times Anne and her family didn’t recognise the person Claire had become, as she was often saying and doing very hurtful things.

For three years it consumed Claire and her family and it very nearly won. The battle was hard fought but Anne was determined to beat it. Their journey took them across the world to Stockholm as no treatments in Australia were giving results. The disease had Anne questioning if she was a good mother and why she felt so powerless to stop it.

Sufferers of anorexia have a very difficult road to recovery and so do their families. I felt for Anne and her family and the trauma anorexia has caused. Thank you for sharing your story.

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