Daughter of Mine reviewed by Michelle

In the rural town of Victoria a prestigious family comes undone and a web of tightly kept family secrets unravel which ultimately bring the Chirnwell sisters and mother Edwina closer than ever.

Sisters, Harriet, Xara and Georgie couldn’t be more different and this story weaves their lives together beautifully. Harriet is a successful surgeon, a social snob and ultimate perfectionist striving for the perfect polished life.  Xara is a loving wife of farmer Steve and puts her law career on hold to support him and to care for her three children. Georgie is the youngest and teaches primary school students and lives in Melbourne, struggling with loss and heartbreak and hoping to find love.

At the surprise birthday party of the girl’s mother, Edwina, instead of glitz and glamour the secrets start to emerge and set all lives into upheaval.

Daughter of Mine switches from the perspective of all three daughters and Edwina allowing the reader to come to understand all main characters deeply. You feel like you are a part of the family as well, sharing in their joy, their heartbreak, sympathising with some and completely disagreeing with others! A delightful, warm and engaging novel that is hard to put down, this book left me smiling and hoping for a sequel.

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