Every Lie I’ve Ever Told reviewed by Michelle

Have you ever told a lie to protect someone’s feelings? Sometimes, lies are told to mask the reality of life and to make experiences more palatable for others to hear.  This is regular practice for Rosie Waterland.  In her latest memoir, Every Lie I’ve Ever Told, Rosie bares her soul and confesses some of the lies she has told in her life.

In 2015, we fell in love with Rosie and crowned her the Anti-cool girl (which is absolutely the highest honour!) While writing her latest book Rosie’s best friend, her cheerleader for life and soul mate, tragically lost his life. It was through masking her grief and writing this book where she was confessing all her little lies, Rosie discovers that she was telling a very big, and damaging lie to herself.  Tony’s death forms a sub-story that weaves through the chapters. It is a powerful and honest recount of love and loss and will break your heart.

Rosie’s writing is filled with humour, is strong, and raw. I laughed out loud reading Every Lie I’ve Ever Told, I nodded along relating my own experiences to Rosie’s and cried in empathy with her devastation. If you enjoyed her first memoir The Anti-Cool Girl, this one is a must read.  I feel like Rosie managed to reveals even more of herself, sharing more deeply her wonderful, complex and hilarious personality.  Rosie Waterland is a warrior – even if she doesn’t realise it.  Her amazingness shines through and offers inspiration to her fans and followers.  A fantastic read!

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