Every Note Played reviewed by Kate

Every Note Played, written by Lisa Genova, delves into the degenerative disease ALS – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Richard is a famous pianist – piano has come before all else in his life including family, his child and morals. When diagnosed with ALS, Richard quickly deteriorates and loses the ability to play, leaving him in a body that doesn’t work but a brain that does. Richard is separated from Karina due to multiple affairs throughout their marriage. However when he can no longer live on his own, he has to return to Karina’s home and live there, with her as his carer.

Every Note Played involves the medical condition of ALS and how it plays out for Richard, from his paralysis, to ventilation and all in between. The author is a neuroscientist and her knowledge of ALS and how it impacts on the body and the psycho social impact on families is expressed throughout the book. The well rounded impact of ALS on Richard, Karina and their daughter Grace is so well expressed, as well as the family dynamics that already exist.

Every Note Played is a good read and an eye opener into another disease that I didn’t know much about.



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