Every Note Played reviewed by Vivian

I’m a big fan of Lisa Genova, with her books Still Alice and Inside the O’Briens being two of my favourite books, so I was very much looking forward, but also a bit wary, to read Every Note Played. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed!

Every Note Played follows, Richard, a successful, world renowned, classical pianist and his demise after receiving a diagnosis of ALS. We also see the effects of his diagnosis on his ex-wife, Karina, and daughter, Grace.

Lisa Genova has an amazing ability of combining her scientific knowledge with her beautiful writing, resulting in outstanding novels. In Every Note Played she doesn’t hold back in describing this debilitating disease making the story so much more authentic. Not only does she impart her extensive knowledge of ALS but also her grasp of classical and jazz piano.

She had me hooked from the very first page with lines like ‘Location matters in destiny as much as it does in real estate’ and a very apt one later in the book ‘Every note played has a beginning and an ending’. An absolutely wonderful book which will open your eyes to the devastating world of ALS. A must read. Genova’s TED talk is also worth watching.

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