Forgotten reviewed by Vivian

As with Nicole’s previous novels – if you start reading one be prepared to put your life on hold until you have finished! Forgotten is no exception. It is a fast-paced, page turning thriller.

Malia always knew she wanted to be a mother and now with three young children – at times she feels overwhelmed. As she is getting ready for work one morning, Aaron her 5 year old son has a tantrum because there is no milk to have with his cereal. Malia’s three year old daughter also joins her brother in demanding Coco Pops for breakfast. Malia feels she has no choice but to give in to their tantrum.

As she bundles her three children into the car she silently curses her husband for not buying the milk the day before as she had asked, instead he rolled in late after another big night out. Malia plans to quickly duck into the service station but Aaron and Rhiannon insist on going in with her. She makes a snap decision to leave Zac, her 5 month old, sleeping in the car – after all it will only take a few minutes. This decision changes the course of their lives, as Zac goes missing.

Ali Greenberg is one of the first policewoman on the scene. Maybe she shouldn’t take this case, recently returning to work after her own devastating loss. But somehow her loss makes her all the more determined to put her feelings aside and solve the case.

Edna has been living in the boarding house for a long time. She has always enjoyed her time there, particularly when Mary her landlord was running it. She was such a lovely lady and friend. But after she passed away her son Robbie took over and he seems to let any riff-raff into the house particularly if it means more money. The latest boarder seems to be stranger and colder than the others.

As the stories develop, the intensity increases – will they be able to find Zac in time? Another wonderful story woven by Nicole Trope, and I look forward to reading many more.

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