Full Bore reviewed by Pat


Full Bore is about as “Australian” as a book can be! Brings back so many memories of being a kid growing up in a very different era – toys in cereal boxes, foil milk bottle tops, cars with plastic covering on the seats, and Little Golden Books, to name a few.

McInnes’s descriptions of often eccentric people with whom he has come into contact are very amusing, and his eye for detail extraordinary.  Particularly entertaining is his take on his parents’ relationship with each other and with their children, the dad jokes, and the sayings that were unique to that time.

There are reminders of how far we have advanced in our culinary expertise, “learning that Indian cuisine didn’t actually demand the vegetables be cubed and covered in sultanas” and “curry didn’t come out of a tin with a man called Clive on it”.  Just a warning though…as much as you will laugh out loud during the reading of this book there will also be tears…!

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