Ginny Moon reviewed by Michelle

Ginny finally has found her forever home.  The impending arrival of her ‘forever sister’ has reignited worry for her own baby doll, who was left with her birth mother when she was moved into foster care.  Ginny calculates and plans a way to get back to her beloved baby doll by being kidnapped by her birth mother Gloria.

Ginny Moon by Robert Ludwig reads from the perspective of Ginny firsthand, and it’s refreshing to hear her voice. Being placed into Ginny’s shoes the reader is able to experience her world, and understand her in a way that she is unable to express.

Ginny is incredibly caring, methodical and responsible, yet her autism prevents her from being about to show her ‘forever parents’ her true self. Instead Ginny rolls with the changes that are a result of her escalating behaviour. As a reader it will break your heart as you begin to understand that a child’s ability to self-advocate is crucial and sometimes we need to learn how to communicate differently.

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