Goodwood reviewed by Vivian


Goodwood is a small Australian town known for selling ‘good wood’. But the town is in turmoil since two people disappeared only days apart. This kind of thing never happens in the town of Goodwood and it’s residents don’t know what to make of it.

It is 1992 and Jean Brown, 17, tells the story as first Rosie White disappears followed a week later by Bart McDonald. Rosie, 18, works behind the counter at Woody’s Takeaway. Her face is well known in the town but she has always appeared to be troubled. Bart owns and runs the local butcher and is a well loved character in Goodwood. He left one Sunday morning to go fishing and never came home. His wife is devastated.

Jean has her own feelings to deal with as a new family have moved into the town evoking deep emotions within her. Holly Throsby does a wonderful job of depicting life in a small town. She introduces us to many of the town’s residents along with many of their quirky characteristics. The more the plot develops the more you are drawn in to the life of the town of Goodwood and the fate of both Rosie and Bart.

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