History is All You Left Me reviewed by Vivian

History Is All You Left Me is an intense novel about discovering love and then losing love. The book opens with Griffen attending his ex-boyfriend Theo’s funeral. Griffen and Theo had been friends for a long time before they discovered they had mutual feelings for other. But just as their happy relationship was getting stronger, Theo moves to the other side of the country as he was accepted in to college with early admission. Although it breaks Griffen’s heart, he feels the right thing to do is to break off the relationship. Griffen believes that they will be together one day as it is their destiny. Besides, Griffen made Theo promise he wouldn’t die. Also at the funeral is Jackson – Theo’s current boyfriend. Seeing Jackson stirs up a lot of emotions in Griffen. Neither of the two feel they are strong enough to suffer alone and hence are drawn to each other. As they spend more time together they each learn more about the history of Theo.

Adam Silvera has​ cleverly detailed the very real grief of Griffen and Jackson. Because the boys are still teenagers with their whole lives ahead of them, adults can be a bit dismissive of their grieving but their love and their loss is very real, even more so because it is their first love and their first experience with death. However not having life experiences to fall back on they struggle to cope with loss. Silvera has written with beautiful sensitivity.


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