Mercy Point reviewed by Kate

Mercy Point, written by Anna Snoekstra, is set somewhere in Australia and is based around a group of five adolescents who feel like they are different from their family. Each has come to the conclusion that they are adopted – but the details are unclear to them. They are part of an online chat where they discuss how they are feeling and what they think is going on. They meet and realise they are all the same age and four of them go to school together – and hate each other. The fifth is a male who they have not yet before, but each is drawn to.

What ensues is a fabulous journey of discovering who they are and where they came from. However this isn’t a coming of age story where they discover a beautiful past/present/future. They discover that the town is hiding a pretty monumental secret from them and that their origins are anything but earthly. During their quest for the truth they do learn about themselves and each other – that each of their lives is different to how the others viewed it and that judging is easy, but sometimes you should give people a chance.

I really enjoyed Mercy Point. The story and characters are built to lure you in and as they discover more and more about themselves and each other they grow and become stronger but more vulnerable. This book would appeal to anyone who likes stories that move into other realms, but also those who like relationships and glimpses into how others live.

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