Mercy Point reviewed by Sara (14)

Mercy Point by Anna Snoekstra is a terrifying yet thrilling novel about family, friendship and the dangers of keeping secrets.  It centres around five seemingly normal teens who all have one thing in common: they were adopted.  They talk to each other through a webchat, and grow extremely close, however upon meeting each other realise that in actual fact, they already knew and hated each other.  While at first this stops them from uncovering secrets surrounding their adoptions, they soon realise something more sinister is going on, and have little choice but to band together.

While Mercy Point seems to follow a mystery-book formula, it does so incredibly successfully, creating many twists and turns that lead to a shocking ending.  While certain plot-twists seemed obvious, others left me reeling.  The novel is written from the perspective of several characters, providing a glimpse into each character’s life, and leading to several interesting and developed sub-plots.  The ending of the novel set it up perfectly for a sequel, which is something that I certainly would read.

Mercy Point took all of my greatest fears and combined them all, creating a tense atmosphere in the scariest moments.  Despite this, there were light-hearted and heart-warming moments too, and character interactions felt real, whether they were relaxed or uncomfortable.  This science fiction book will keep you up at night, first so you can finish reading it, then afterwards because you won’t be able to sleep.

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