Mercy Point reviewed by Vivian

This book intrigued me from the start. A group of five teenagers are connected only through a private message board ‘a place for teenagers in Mount Cobalt who doubt their paternity to meet and connect in private’. They all feel a strong affinity to one another – each one seems to intimately understand how the other feels. But things fall apart when they decide to meet and realise that four of them know each other from school and they don’t get along.

Disappointed is the only way to describe how they all feel. How can they move forward to further investigate their belief that they have all been adopted when they can’t even look at each other. Not only that, unexplainable things are starting to happen to them. If they are going to start to work things out somehow they need to find a way to work together. I found this novel to be completely absorbing. Cleverly told from the point of view of four of the teenagers, often the chapters are left hanging making it hard to put this novel down. This book will engage even the fussiest young adult reader.

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