Mine reviewed by Kate

Mine, written by Susi Fox, deals with a parent’s nightmare – that the child they are given at the hospital isn’t theirs. For Sasha, falling pregnant hasn’t been easy. When her premature baby arrives via emergency Caesarean, which she is not awake for, Sasha is then given a baby that she feels deep in her heart is not the one she carried and birthed. Mine is a rollercoaster of events and emotions as Sasha struggles to find anyone who believes her, including her husband Mark. 

Sasha has had a life without a mother, and the truth about her own mothers post-natal depression comes in, which others then feel is what is happening with Sasha. Sasha is relentless in her search for what she is convinced is the truth – that her real baby is out there and needs her. 

The end result of her search is in reality only a week after she birthed her baby, and Susi Fox does a great job writing this short time frame so that it seems to stretch over a long and agonising period of time, which is what it feels like for Sasha. 

Mine has strong characters – Ursula the midwife who doesn’t seem to have much empathy or love for her job or the babies, other mothers in the post birth psychiatric ward who need help to varying degrees, Mark, Sasha’s husband, who just wants to be a dad at any cost and Sasha’s father with his own loss and grief issues. Each character is pivotal in the story and builds on Sasha’s central character and the narrative around her. 

 I enjoyed Mine – it’s quite a quick read and has a great build up!

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