Mine reviewed by Vivian

It was a long and emotional roller coaster ride before Sasha fell pregnant with her first child. Now at 35 weeks gestation the end is in sight and she is looking forward to finally meeting her daughter. Late one afternoon, after picking up husband Mark from work drinks, a car accident leads to a general anaesthetic and emergency caesarean. Sasha wakes up determined to see her child.

When she finally meets him she’s overwhelmed with the feeling that this is not her baby. This feeling runs through the core of Sasha but the problem is no-one believes her. The more she tries to convince everyone, the more she alienates herself from her husband and doctors, believing she is delusional and mentally ill. Furthermore the birth of Sasha’s baby also brings up issues from her past in particular her Mum who left her at the age of six. How far will Sasha go to find her baby?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It kept me intrigued to see how the author would resolve all the issues. The interactions between the characters and the side plots all add to this engrossing thriller. And it raises questions on how one would feel and react if found in a similar situation.

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