More Than We Can Tell reviewed by Vivian

Can two teenagers from very different backgrounds and with very different issues ever be friends or possibly something even more than friends?

Emma is being stalked by an online predator. She doesn’t feel she has anyone she can turn to who would understand. Especially not her parents who seem to have checked out of her life while they quietly go about destroying each other’s.

Rev escaped an early life of abuse and was adopted by a loving and supportive couple. However, Rev’s past often haunts him, particularly the question of whether being abusive is hereditary.

Emma takes her dog for a walk and encounters Rev. They have a connection but there are rocky times ahead for both of them. Can they navigate them together?

More Than We Can Tell is the second in this series and although the books are related they are standalone novels. Not having read the first book I certainly didn’t feel there was anything missing in this storyline.

The clear message from this book is to never discount a peer, as no matter how different they are from you on the outside, on the inside your souls may be more aligned than you realise. It’s such a great message.

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