Mr Romanov’s Garden in the Sky reviewed by Kate

Mr Romanov’s Garden in the Sky follows Lexie, her friend Davey and their new friend, Mr Romanov. All living on a big housing commission in Fitzroy, each has their own tale of loss and grief, isolation, poverty and how they cope.

The three take off on an adventure across Australia, each with their own agenda, but with a shared love for each other. This book focuses on relationship – what we mean to each other, how that changes over time, and the importance of honouring each other with respect, love and vulnerability.

Each of the three main characters is really well explored – their differences, similarities and how they fit together. As they get to know each other better and their relationships strengthen, the beautiful understanding and empathy they show each other on their journey is one that we could all learn from – tolerance, acceptance and respect. A great book for early high school, late primary school.

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