Night Swimming reviewed by Michelle

It has been quite some time since I was in my teens, but reading this gorgeous story about three teenagers living in a very small rural town, took me straight back to the years of big feelings.  Feeling uncertain, feeling awkward, feeling ambiguous about the future, falling in love and forming the best friendships.

Seventeen year old Kirby lives with her mother, grandfather, cousin and pet goat Stanley.  Quietly content with her life and current apprenticeship crafting bespoke wooden furniture, Kirby doesn’t plan to leave the town she calls home.  Her best friend Clancy, has other plans.  Frantically balancing his love of musical theatre, performing at every chance he can and completing high school, Clancy is counting down the days when he can leave the quiet town and move to Sydney – hopefully taking Kirby with him.

A love triangle begins when a new girl called Iris moves to town.  Despite her family’s restaurant being in direct competition with Clancy’s – he falls in love instantly and convinces Kirby to help him on his mission to win Iris’s heart…. And that is where the trouble begins. 


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