No Job for a Girl reviewed by Michelle

When I first held this novel in my hands the feminist within me was slightly offended by the title because in my opinion jobs don’t have genders, and thankfully, this story was a great surprise!

Leah is taking a role in the remote South Australian outback.  She is constantly warned about the environment she is stepping into and that there will be challenges working in such a male dominated workplace.  Leah is strong, and refuses to let the experience defeat her, the only difficulty is her direct supervisor Alex.   Alex is stubborn, gruff and while he says he doesn’t have anything against women in general, he does make it clear to Leah that things would be easier if she weren’t on his worksite.

As time goes on Leah forges friendships and paves her way to earn the respect of her co-workers – including Alex.  The romantic dreamer in me completely devoured the emerging love story woven through this novel as it was realistic with just a touch of ‘meant to be’.

Meredith Appleyard writes beautiful characters that become your friends, and slowly reveal more and more of themselves with each turn of the page.  I often say I am not a fast reader, but this story was easy to immerse yourself in.  I loved it!

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