No Man is an Island reviewed by Kate


Adele Dumont writes about her personal journey as a teacher at Curtin detention centre. The impact this has had on her is huge – the burnout and vicarious trauma that she takes us through as one month there turns to two months shows just how oppressive and dehumanising the detention centre experience is.

No Man is an Island is more about Adele Dumont’s experience of the centre as a teacher than that of the detainees. We get a glimpse into their journey here and the sheer trauma, frustration, grief and sacrifice the men make daily while at the centre waiting for their assessment results. The hope and joy that Adele brings to the centre soon becomes anger, frustration, loss of belief and difficulty finding the balance between life at the centre and her life in Sydney.

No Man is an Island is a good way for those with little knowledge to learn about what these centres entail, and the harrowing journey not just for detainees, but for those who give so selflessly to work there.

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