Our Chemical Hearts reviewed by Kate

Our Chemical Hearts

Krystal Sutherland captures the complete angst and emotion of teenage love and heartbreak beautifully! Our Chemical Hearts is more than a love story, as there is a very dark and grief-ridden side to it.

Henry Page is a normal teenager, never been in love, happy enough. Grace Town however has experienced traumas and grief that many adults have not had to endure. Henry and Grace fall for each other, however as Grace’s past slowly unfolds, the reality of some peoples lives, and the heartbreak of both is devastating.

Our Chemical Hearts is really well written – the amount of depth to the emotion and feeling are so easy to feel. Each character is richly developed and again capture the true energy and difference within late teenage years.

The book is really sad and offers a look into grief and how it can completely envelope a person, especially when there is little support network. Grace Town is quite frightening at times I found. The energy she creates is fierce and strong.

Our Chemical Hearts is as much for adults as it is for young adults.


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