Our Chemical Hearts reviewed by Vivian

Our Chemical Hearts

Henry Page is determined to focus on getting through his last year of school with good grades and aims to get into a good college. Girls aren’t even on his radar although he hopes one day it will come and he will fall head over heels in love. But three weeks after school has started a new girl walks in and Henry’s life is thrown into turmoil.

Grace Town isn’t your typical teenage. She walks with a cane and wears boys clothes that are too big for her. She has no interest in socialising with anyone. Clearly Grace is carrying a lot of baggage. When Henry and Grace are both asked to be co-editors of the school newspaper neither seems to like the idea.

But there is a chemistry between the two and despite Grace’s appearance, Henry finds her fascinating and intriguing. He is clearly drawn to her. We slowly learn about what has happened to Grace that causes her so much grief. Can Henry overcome the overwhelming sadness that burdens Grace?

This is not your typical young adult novel. Krystal Sutherland has done a wonderful job in portraying realistic and likeable characters. She has you reading till the end to find out if Henry and Grace can be together.

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