Our House reviewed by Julia

This book had me in – hook, line and sinker in the very first chapter! There was an immediate sense of drama on reading about how Fi Lawson, a wife and mother, drives down the street to unknowingly find moving trucks in her driveway. She quickly discovers that her treasured family home is stripped bare and new occupants are standing in her kitchen.

The intriguing story is unravelled from various angles and through different story telling methods. For example part of the story is told from the perspective of wife ‘Fi’ via a podcast recording. This is quite engaging and at times very entertaining, and just like they would in real life, comments from the listening audience members are included in the text. The husbands ‘Bram’s perspective is told by him documenting his version of the story via a word document. The other part of the story is simply narrated, which keeps readers up to date with the unfolding of events in real time. Although all of this may sound confusing, it gelled together and was easy to flick from one story mode to another.

The story itself veered in many directions, creating interesting twists and turns. A suspenseful read about how one bad decision can quickly snowball into endless bad decisions, and change many lives forever.

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