P is for Pearl reviewed by Kate

P is for Pearl, written by Eliza Henry Jones, is set in beautiful Tasmania on a windy coastline. Gwen is hitting the end of high school and trying to make the ‘right’ plans for her future amidst the grief she feels over the death of her young brother and her mother in two separate incidents. Living with her father, step-mother and step-brother and sister, Gwen is trying to find her place in the family and the truth about her mother’s and brother’s stories. 

Gwen has two good friends, who are so incredibly loyal and beautiful. Loretta and Gordon provide fun, safety and the beautiful friendship that all people should enjoy. When two siblings come to the small town to live with their aunt Gwen’s world unravels as she learns more about her mother and brother and their history and the truth of their struggles become apparent. 

P is for Pearl is absolutely beautiful. The characters are so entwined with Gwen’s story. Tyrone, the annoying prankster of a step brother is one of the kindest and misread characters I have read about in a long time. His subtle and strong character is a backbone to the story and to Gwen’s life, and as this untangles he finally gets the kindness he deserves. 

The book has beautiful scenery and description – the house the two new friends live in is gorgeous and the depth of description is amazing. It would appeal to anyone 14 up, as it’s got a lot of themes and emotion – I cried throughout it at the acts of kindness and the grief. I really enjoyed this book. 

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