Parting Words reviewed by Vivian

Richard, Evonne and Kelly thought they knew everything about their father Daniel Whittaker. Shortly after his passing at the age of 88, the siblings sat with the solicitor for the reading of the will, expecting to be given a rather large inheritance. Least of all did they expect to be given peculiar instructions before they could gain access to their inheritance. The will stipulated that they were to hand deliver numerous letters to people from Daniel’s past. With each letter they delivered they learnt more about their father and like a jigsaw, pieced together a true, unexpected portrait of their father. They also learnt the consequences of some of his decisions and the impact those decisions had on people’s lives.

This is an intriguing story that has you questioning how well do we really know the people around us. I really enjoyed the concept of this story and the diverse characters Cass Moriarty created.

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