Patient 71 reviewed by Vivian

Shortly after her fiftieth birthday, Julie suffered a severe brain seizure at work. She is rushed to hospital and is given the devastating news – she has a malignant brain tumour and is diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic advanced melanoma. Julie’s world is turned completely upside down. She has gone from a fit, healthy, loving wife with two beautiful girls to being told that she needs to get her affairs in order as she doesn’t have long to live. But clearly Julie’s cancer cells didn’t get the memo!

Julie sets out to fulfil the promise she made to her family at the start of this journey – that she will get through this. Julie is given chemotherapy treatment which she knows will only prolong her life for 6 months. She is determined to find alternative treatments and hopefully a clinical trial that may help to save her life. Unfortunately for Julie the only clinical trial available to help with her type of cancer is in Oregon, Portland and they already have the cut off limit of 70 patients. The team in Oregon have met their match as Julie’s strong will and tenacity sees her determined to get on that trial.

Julie’s story is an amazing one in her willingness and intensity to stay alive. Her message is an inspirational one, in regards to not only fighting for your cause but also as lesson to us all that life can change in an instant and so we need to appreciate what we have and to make the most of our lives.

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