Portable Curiosities reviewed by Kate

Portable Curiosities

Portable Curosities contains twelve stories dealing with a range of human absurdities and is written by Julie Koh. There are some common themes in the stories around the future of humans and the things we fail to value and hold onto as the world changes. Capitalism, technology, greed, the need to fix ourselves and be ‘perfect’ are all covered in a range of ways.

Julie Koh draws on the darker side of thinking and viewing the world. One of my favourites is ‘Slow Death in Cat Cafe’ – for me this highlighted our desire to rule, as well as the pressure to put animal rights before people, perfection, desire and ultimately creating our own demise.

Two focused on parenting the ‘perfect’ child in all ways, but also incorporate our own need for the perfect life – the use of a ‘checklist’ for life and making sure we achieve it all no matter the impact, highlighting our need for control and achievement over happiness and love.

And one of the greatest – ‘Cream Reaper’ – the ice cream that kills but is the newest sensation on the turf – perfectly captures the sheep like mentality of our world.

Julie Koh has a great brain that puts what is occuring already into a more absurd situation, so that I could laugh at it before I realised it was true!

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