Promise reviewed by Kate


Promise seemed like it was going to be a horrible, harrowing story of child abuse and the failure of the system, but instead it was a story of how community can help, draw attention to what they see happening to vulnerable people, and the system finally taking notice. I am not advocating for people taking the kids who they see being cared for poorly, but I am for people noticing and doing something about it.

Sarah Armstrong has written with the right amount of emotion, reality of our over stressed child protection system, and an insight into what can happen to children and how the system and community can help. The main characters Anna and Charlie are thrown together due to abuse that Anna reports and isn’t responded to … so she takes her and goes on the run. Obviously this isnt the answer in reality, but it certainly expresses how a lot of us feel about the kids we see being abused, neglected and ignored by authorities.

Promise shows how kids just want love, security and stability, and that there are plenty of people in the community who can provide that when the birth parents can’t. It raises the known reality, that our systems are over worked, understaffed, there aren’t enough foster carers out there, yet there are many who care, and that some people need help to be good parents or to co-parent.


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