Promise reviewed by Michelle


I am not naturally a fast reader, but from the moment I picked up Promise by Sarah Armstrong I was hooked.  I found myself easily transported into Anna’s shoes, who is the central character of the story.

Anna is a hard working graphic designer who lives in Sydney.  She has a small, cosy home which she shares with her treasured plants and occasional sleep overs with her new boyfriend Dave. Happy and content with her simple life, Anna has no idea her life is about to be turned on its head when her new neighbours move in next door.

Carefully written by Sarah Armstrong this story allows you to feel the fear Anna has for her five year old neighbour Charlie.  Charlie’s neglect and abuse from her mother, Gabby and stepfather Harlan slowly build throughout the first few chapters and when Anna makes a split decision to save Charlie from further danger, you are ready to drive the getaway car for her!

Charlie’s story unfolds and your heart breaks for a little girl who has experienced so much in her short life.  With each turn of the page you are hopeful, stressed, confused as to how the story will end.  It’s a powerful story that makes you flit between your inner protector and knowing what is legally right.  Promise is a fantastic, stressful and thought provoking novel that tugs at your emotions and challenges your own moral code – after all, what would you do to protect a child in danger?

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