Promise reviewed by Vivian


When new neighbours move in there is always some excitement mixed with apprehension as you wonder what the new people will be like. For Anna, the new neighbours had big shoes to fill. Helen was a wonderful neighbour who was friendly and helpful but also kept her distance. Anna was saddened at her passing.

But it didn’t take long for Anna to realise that the new neighbours were going to be nothing like Helen. Moving in were Gabby and her 5 year old daughter, Charlie, along with Gabby’s boyfriend, Harlan. From the very first night when Anna heard crying throughout the night, she new something wasn’t right.

After seeing signs of abuse and the fact that Charlie was left on her own for hours at a time, Anna was left with no choice but to call Family and Community services. But after a few calls which also involved the police there was no satisfactory resolution. Anna feared for Charlie’s life and decided to take matters into her own hands. Without a second thought she fled the city in search of a safe place for Charlie and herself. Somewhere where they couldn’t be found. But now what?

Anna had to come up with a plan that would sustain them and keep them safe. And all the emotional turmoil only served to stir up deep emotions in Anna, including her own mothers passing at a young age, the fact that she was 37 years old and unlikely to have children of her own, and also she had to consider her new boyfriend, Dave.

This book challenges our our own thoughts and makes you question what would you do in a similar situation. How far would you go to keep someone safe? Sarah Armstrong has done a remarkable job in addressing such a challenging topic.

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