Second Sight reviewed by Kate

Second Sight, written by Aoiffe Clifford, is a murder mystery set in a country town. Eliza returns to the country town she grew up in, returning as a big shot lawyer who is working for a company fighting the town’s claim due to a bushfire. Eliza gets pulled into a crime as she witnesses her old friend commit an assault in front of her. This then unleashes a string of events that open up Eliza’s past when her best friend went missing. Always believed to have run away due to Eliza causing her friend’s heartbreak, Eliza learns through a string of information and investigation that her friend had discovered a terrible secret and come to an untimely end. Eliza cannot stop until the story is outed, putting her own life at risk (several times).

Told through the eyes of Eliza, her sister, father, brother in law and two locals the story unfolds slowly and intensely. Memories are written into chapters, and shed light on the true story of New Years Eve 1996 in the small country town. An enjoyable read with enough treachery and gore to make you want to keep reading until you know the truth. 

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