Sparrow reviewed by Vivian

Sparrow is a 16 year old boy in juvenile detention. While out on a boating excursion a tragic incident occurs and Sparrow finds himself fighting for his life as he swims to shore. He lands on a remote island all alone, with no food or water and no way of contacting anyone.

He must learn how to survive by finding edible food and staying away from potential predators. The story alternates between the present and when Sparrow was 12 years old and living on the streets. We learn how he uses his street wise experiences and applies it to surviving on the island. Slowly we learn about his upbringing and how he ended up in ‘juvie’ and the events of which resulted in Sparrow ‘losing’ his voice.

Sparrow is such a courageous and kind-hearted character that you can’t help but feel for his plight and hope the best for him. This is a wonderful story with strong powerful themes including hope, resilience and survival. A brilliant read for older readers and adults too.

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