Sunset Shadows reviewed by Tara


Investigations into the murder of two women lead to a reclusive group on a five-thousand-acre property in rural NSW. As police raid the property, they interrupt a ceremony, where the members of a reclusive group are being incited to walk to a watery grave. To prevent the loss of many lives, shots are fired from several guns and the cult leader falls.

The dazed group members are rounded up to be taken to safety. As Steve and Tess prepare to give their statements, they discover that there is a lot more going on than they initially realised. Steve’s missing sister is found amongst the group, and there are links to Tess’s secret past. The two officers are thrown together as the backlash from the case escalates. They work desperately to uncover the secrets behind the cult and to protect the ones they love.

This is the first time I have read a book by Bronwyn Parry. After reading Sunset Shadows, I am eager to read more of her work. Parry describes the Australian bushland beautifully. She shows good knowledge of both the challenges of police work in rural Australia and the complexities of cult membership. These themes are woven together skilfully and add depth to the authentic characters. The plot quickly thickens and progresses with sharp twists and turns which make the book hard to put down.


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